How To Change Your Makeup Game

I will be the first to admit that I am definitely a creature of habit. When I find food, places, books, colours, even people that I love, I tend to stick to them. When it comes to my beauty routine though, I can actually be pretty fickle. Even if I absolutely adore a product, the chances are when it runs out I will be overwhelmed by new releases I’ve read about online, buy one of those instead, and forget my old trusty favourite ever existed. We all fall victim to this in an online beauty community where every month we are bombarded with the latest “holy grails”.

What I am getting at here is if I find a product that I would truly miss in my routine, it’s kind of a big deal. Today I’d like to give these lucky few the credit they deserve, and share 5 products that have actually changed the game for me.


Beauty Blender

I hate to say it, but this overpriced egg-shaped piece of foam is potentially the best beauty tool I have ever owned. Nothing applies my base makeup like this does, proven by the fact that since I have purchased it my face brushes have all become pretty redundant. It might be an investment but it’s incredibly multi-purpose. I use it for foundation, concealer, and setting powder every single time I apply makeup without fail. This makes it a dream for travelling because it does the job of about four brushes. I cringed buying it at first, but now I am so much of a convert that I plan on buying a back up in Sephora before I leave France. Also, for those of you that are wondering, I really don’t think any of the dupes quite compare to the quality and result of the Beauty Blender, even the offering from Real Techniques.

Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ 

This product is like coconut oil for your makeup bag. IT DOES EVERYTHING. An amazing pre-makeup skin refresher, a perfect setting spray, and even great to give your skin a bit of a boost on a makeup free day. I can’t do a full face of makeup without spritzing some of this magic on to my face afterward. It instantly makes your makeup melt into your skin and look completely seamless. No matter how heavy handed I may have been during application, this makes me feel like I have no makeup on at all. It works incredibly with pigments, and glitters, but my favourite use for this product is to spray it on my fan brush before I apply my highlighter, it gives you a glow like no other, try it.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

This palette is so infamously hyped I don’t know if I need to say any more. The formula of these shadows is like nothing I’ve tried before; I can’t imagine going back to the Morphe chalkness now I’ve experienced this heaven. The shade range is stunning and I can comfortably say that I can create every eye look I could possibly want with this one palette. That probably justifies why this is all I ever use nowadays. It may have been a little bit pricey but I am so glad I invested, as I have no doubt I am going to get my cost per use with this palette. This thing is like gold dust, and so hard to get your hands on, but as I post this it’s in stock on Cult Beauty, so if I were you I would get a move on.


Mac Stripdown Lipliner

What did I wear on my lips before I owned this liner? I dread to think. If you love that perfect 50% brown 50% pink nude shade then you need this liner in your life. It is the perfect companion to any nude lip I wear (Honeylove by Mac is my personal favourite). However, truthfully most of the time I just put some lip balm on, use this all over my lips and I have a seriously beautiful, comfortable, and long wearing lip colour. This lipliner never leaves my handbag.

Kiko Water Eyeshadow in 208 Light Gold

I am definitely a bit of a highlighter victim, but aren’t we all. Shoutout to Sophia & Cinzia for introducing me to this absolute gem. Side note: If you don’t watch their videos you need to sort yourself out because they are absolutely hysterical and some of my faves. Anyway, I digress, I use this “eyeshadow” as a highlighter and it is perfection. The shade is a gorgeous champagne toned gold (exactly what I love), and the pigmentation is phenomenal. Anyone who follows me knows I have always been loyal to my Sleek Solstice Palette, but this has now completely taken over. Like previously mentioned, I use this with a bit of fix+ on my Morphe M497 fan brush, and the result is dreamy. It’s so compact for travel, and not exactly offensively priced at £8.90, I can’t recommend this enough.


I really hope you enjoyed this little ramble about the beauty bits that I love. As of right now I have a new post every Sunday evening, so if you did enjoy this don’t forget to follow so you don’t miss my upcoming posts & please come say hello on my other social media. Until then, see you next Sunday & Happy Mother’s Day!


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