Let’s Talk About Dupes, Baby

Ah, dupes. The best friend of the fashion conscious, or an unforgivable faux pas? Personally, I am on the fence. I am always a believer quality over quantity, so, when I can I like to save, do my research, and invest in pieces that will truly last in my wardrobe. Having said that, a lot of the time my fashion appetite is much bigger than my budget, so sometimes it’s necessary to choose the steal option instead of the splurge option.

I especially love dupes for trying out fad trends, i.e, those that will inevitably go out of style. They are also a great way to nod to a current trend you’re enjoying, without spending so much you are forced to wear the piece for six months straight to get your cost-per-wear value. Our high street now more than ever is offering an abundance of designer dupes, and sometimes the option which keeps your bank account healthy is just as good as the real deal. Here is a rundown of my three favourite designer footwear dupes at the moment…

1. Boohoo Phoebe Embroidered Mules


It’s actually a little bit scary how easily mistaken these bargains could be for the real deal. The embroidered detail is virtually identical, and while you obviously compromise on the quality of the leather, appearance wise they tick all of the boxes. Gucci’s offering retails at £530, and I picked up the dupes for BooHoo for £16 (They normally retail for £20 but Boohoo are constantly offering % off codes). I love these, and I will probably wear them all summer long, but I don’t think they will be in my wardrobe forever. So, in this case, I definitely favour the steal option. A £510 saving is fine by me.

Shop the SPLURGE option

Shop the STEAL option

2. ASOS Jacklyn Espadrilles

chanel dupes two

These are a slightly more subtle dupe for the massively popular Chanel espadrilles. This colour combo is not only so versatile and wearable, but it screams Chanel. They obviously lack the Chanel logo, (because they’re not shameless replicas), but they are already hard to get a hold of on ASOS because they are such an amazing dupe. They are also incredibly padded and comfy, and I’ve heard the Chanel version don’t do so well in this department. As with all Chanel pieces its hard to pinpoint an exact price for the espadrilles, but everywhere I have seen they are upwards of about £500 (even preloved). These ASOS beauts put me back a modest £12.

Shop the SPLURGE option

Shop the STEAL option


3. Public Desire Janine Over the Knee Boots

image1 copy

First of all, sorry for the bad cropping here, I’m saving these shots for next week’s post. Anyway, I have wanted a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots for the longest time but I don’t know that I will ever be able to justify the £700 price tag. These Public Desire alternatives are the perfect dupe for Stuart’s most popular “Highland” over the knee style. I know these boots are considered typically an A/W staple, but I think these work great in the spring also. I prefer the grey version anyway, but I think the fact they are grey rather than black also helps to make them spring appropriate. Let’s face it, the weather isn’t ever that good. Shameless top tip: When I first got these I wore them in on a night out, and now they fit like a glove. At £39.99 they are the most expensive dupe in this rundown, but Public Desire are constantly running amazing % off deals, and it’s still a good £660 saving on the originals.

Shop the SPLURGE option

Shop the STEAL option

I’m hoping to make a regular series of posts about dupes on here, so please let me know if you enjoyed this one. If you have any designer dupes that you love send them my way, I am always up for some (almost) guilt free shopping!

See you next week,


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12 Replies to “Let’s Talk About Dupes, Baby”

  1. These dupes are really convincing, nice work! Also, I’m not usually a reader of fashion blogs but I really like your writing style and blog layout, so you may have converted me 🙂

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