How To Find Your Personal Style

Most fashion bloggers would like you to believe that fashion has always been their favourite thing. As if they were 4 years old skimming the pages of Vogue and browsing Net-A-Porter. I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t even try to claim that for a second. Like most things in life, my sense of fashion as evolved as I have, and I can map pretty easily to when it all finally clicked for me.

My mum laughs all the time that I was a bit of a mess as a little girl. How she would always do intricate plaits in my long, brown hair and within minutes I’d have it all pulled out and I’d look like a little cave woman. Clearly, keeping up appearances wasn’t my priority. Flash forward a little to my early teenage years, and like every girl, I think more than anything I just became more conscious of my wardrobe. Those are your copycat years, when all you want to do is wear what everyone else does. This is what undoubtedly produces those groups of 13 year old girls in shopping centres, all wearing variations of essentially the exact same outfit. On top of this, (like far too many girls), I was extremely body conscious all through my teenage years, which limited how much I wanted to express myself in my fashion even further.


Once I started university I tentatively began to figure out what my style was. It started when all of a sudden all sense of colour drained from my wardrobe. My family and friends would often joke about it, “oooh another grey top Shannon”, “you really suit bright colours you know”. Consequently, a few times I did try to fight my monochrome tendencies, but every time I bought something colourful, it hung in my wardrobe like an unloved and unwelcome decoration. Eventually, I embraced my neutral tendencies as part of my personal style. I feel best in black, whites, greys and nudes, so why should I feel pressured to wear anything else?

Last year was a bit of a turning point for me, and I completely fell in love with fashion both luxury and high street. I spent hours following my favourite bloggers’ content, and began to be much more cautious with what made it to my wardrobe. It finally all clicked. I won’t bore you with a self indulgent description of what I think my style is. If you follow me on any form of social media you’ll be able to figure out that one yourself. I will say that at this point in my life I am more comfortable in my skin than I have ever been. Although I’ll admit my taste isn’t alternative in any way, I do take risks that little old me would never have dreamed of taking five or six years ago (and that makes me so happy).


Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 16.34.05

1. Be Ruthless

If you don’t wear it, say goodbye. Culling your wardrobe not only really helps to narrow down which pieces are working in your wardrobe, but it also leaves lots of space of brand new purchases (which is never a bad thing). Give your preloved bits to charity, friends, or sell them on depop.

2. Turn To The Gram 

As much as people criticise the perfectionist nature of the app, I still believe that getting inspiration off the girls on there is so much more authentic than in the glossy pages of any magazine. If you start saving images of outfits that inspire you, and pieces that you love, a trend will emerge and it will soon become clear what is and what isn’t your cup of tea.


3. Think Before You Buy 

This is the step that I can’t stress enough. When I shop, I look at an item and if I can’t easily imagine an outfit that I would wear it with, I put it back on the shelf. It’s the same online, an item will always have a necessary period of probation in my “saved items” on ASOS before it earns it’s way to my basket. Impulse buys very rarely become wardrobe favourites. This step is also one to remember when you’re trying on an item. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, or 100% flatter you, put it back. If you buy it I promise you you will always leave it in the wardrobe and put on your favourite baggy jumper and well fitting jeans instead.

4. Do YOU!

I love trends, but the world would be incredibly boring if no one questioned them. Sometimes you might feel like you’re the only person in the world that hates those shoes, but that is called individuality, and it’s a good thing.



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26 Replies to “How To Find Your Personal Style”

  1. I am just like you! well almost. I was never too bothered about fashion and am still not that into shopping and the latest trends but over the years my fashion has evolved and I am getting more into exploring new options everyday. I will definitely have some of these tips in the back of my mind when shopping!

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  2. Yessss I agree with this so so much! I never quite fit in at school nor uni in terms of clothes… I always yearned for something either super cute or super gothy, there was no in-between. I think the most important step out of these is to think before you buy: you can waste so much money and time otherwise!

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  3. I absolutely LOVE that look, you are KILLING it! Those boots are to DIE for. I have tried wearing high knee boots like that, and it just doesn’t seem to look right on me. I love playing around with fashion, and most of all, just being myself in it. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I completely agree with your “think before you buy” point. I need to do this more because the amount of things in my wardrobe still with the tag on is kind of embarrassing haha x
    Claire |

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