Let’s Talk About Dupes, Again

Back at it again with the bargains (you’re welcome). Seriously though, thank you so much for all the love on my last post about dupes, the amazing response has motivated me to turn this into a series over here on the blog. Just in case you missed out, you can find my first post about dupes here.

Today we are talking about bags, which I thought was the perfect way to introduce you to my new favourite online store, Boutique of Molly. They have also been incredibly kind and given me a discount code to share with you all! “SHANNON20” will get you an exclusive 20% off all of their amazing bags, clothing, and accessories. When I received my “Munich” travel bag I was completely blown away by how amazing a dupe it was for the hugely popular Louis Vuitton Keepalls. Feel like I need to add a disclaimer here. I am in no way okay with replica/counterfeit products. Dupes however are amazing. They are the perfect way to test drive a bag before taking the plunge and spending thousands on a designer bag. If you think about it- all highstreet fashion is inspired one way or another by high end brands, and their catwalk shows every season. Dupes are controversial I understand that, but I am all about anything that makes fashion accessible for all! I explained this philosophy more in my first post. This dupe is amazing, it’s honestly the first time I have had a really nice travel bag and the quality is absolutely perfect. I cannot wait to use it all summer long! (sorry for advance for the spam of this bag on my IG feed)


Shop the rest of their amazing Louis Vuitton dupes here…

‘Cairo’ Louis Vuitton Neverful Dupe

‘Hamburg’ Louis Vuitton Black Keepall Dupe

‘Berlin’ Louis Vuitton Brown Keepall Dupe

They also have amazing dupes for the likes of Chloé, and Chanel, and they are constantly updating their collection, all of which you can find here.


I really hope you enjoyed today’s short & sweet post! I cannot recommend Boutique of Molly enough, not only are their dupes fab, but the girls I have spoken to from the brand are ridiculously friendly and helpful. Let me know what dupes you’d like to see next, I am always keen for new research projects. All in the name of fashion, eh?


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17 Replies to “Let’s Talk About Dupes, Again”

    1. Exactly! Would never purchase a shameless replica! These are obviously just Louis Vuitton inspired. A great way to try out the style of bag before taking the plunge to buy the real thing! I am all about making fashion accessible for EVERYONE xx


    1. To be honest I agree!! I never buy dupe makeup, quality over quantity always! But dupe handbags are great, especially for trying out a style before taking the plunge and spending thousands. Never okay with fake merchandise, but everything on the high street is some way influenced by high end fashion!! xx

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